Festival Designkwartier mixes presentations, shops, activities, and exhibitions in the design field into an inspiring event. For three days, the Zeeheldenkwartier is the domain of leading designers and new talent with exciting projects. You will find special design for everyday use as well as inventive and witty objects to think about. During the festival, the designers are present to illustrate their work. This way, the visitor is challenged to view obvious matters in a different way.

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The route is inspiring as it runs along about 50 diverse locations, such as pop-up stores, shops, galleries, Electriciteitsfabriek, national monument the Temple, art center Stroom Den Haag and surprising places such as courtyards, houses and industrial warehouses.

Dutch Design

The initiators of festival Designkwartier The Hague see creative entrepreneurship as key driver for innovation. Designers and other creative thinkers contribute to the solving of minor and major social problems with new ideas and original approaches. For festival Designkwartier The Hague, the organization makes a competitive selection of new and high-quality design: innovative and inquisitive, and therefore interesting for a wide audience. 

Practical information

Date: 1,2 & 3 june 2018
Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00 hours Zeeheldenkwartier, 14:00 - 20:00 hours Energiecentrale (Electriciteitsfabriek, Zaal 3)
Location: Zeeheldenkwartier, center: Piet Heinstraat 123, The Hague
Admission: Ticket for 15 euros 

The organization

The 5th edition of Festival Designkwartier is organised by Edwin Pelser and Creative Studio Unobvious. The festival is an initiative of Foundation Designkwartier Den Haag. This foundation is established by Edwin Pelser, owner of the design shop Edwin Pelser in The Hague, interior designer Susanne Kennedy and event organizer Mei Lan Tjoa. In 2014, the festival was organized for the first time. Sponsorship and grants from the cultural sector help realize this festival.


Order your ticket for Festival Designkwartier 2018 now! Children up to 12 years old can visit the festival for free.

  • Unlimited access throughout the whole festival
  • Don’t worry about getting lost or being late: a free brochure is provided
  • Be inspired by free lectures and presentations
  • Get access to exclusive locations such as the ‘Electriciteitsfabriek’
  • Enjoy food and drinks with discount along the design routes
  • Support the Festival! Every ticket sold is one step closer to a sixth edition of the Festival